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  1. What is Relativity? | Live Science
  2. Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity
  3. Atomic clocks make best measurement yet of relativity of time

But his equations turned up a surprise.

However Maxwell sliced it, the numbers only made sense if light travelled through space at the same, constant speed, regardless of how fast the source of the light itself is travelling. No influence — not matter, not information , not gravity or any other force — may travel faster than it.

Reports of cosmic speed breakers, such as faster-than-light neutrinos announced in , have always turned out to be wrong. This has odd consequences.

What is Relativity? | Live Science

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Introduction to Special Relativity

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Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity

Overview Related Courses Reviews. Taught by Brian Greene. Cornell University Relativity and Astrophysics via edX. Browse More Foundations of Mathematics courses.

go here There are some drawbacks though. The major ones is that the videos are two small on the screen to watch. The equations that Brian Greene writes on the board is very hard to read, and he goes to fast explaining the material to really follow.

Atomic clocks make best measurement yet of relativity of time

At our normal speeds, these warping effects are negligible, but close to light speed they become hugely significant, and ensure no object can ever cover a given space in a shorter time than light can. Mass is just a concentrated form of energy, connected by the constant speed of light.

This path of discovery, by probing newly developed quantum field theories, eventually led to the standard model of particle physics. Richard Webb.

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